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All code is released under the Eclipse Public License v1.0 (EPL).

The main GitHub repository of the project is accessible via this URL:

Open-source tools released by the project:

  • NetIDE App Engine v0.2 [April 2015]:
    • The high-level goal of the NetIDE App Engine is to enable Network App programs to be executed, systematically tested, and refined on a variety of concrete Software Defined Networking (SDN) target platforms. To achieve this goal, the Network App Engine has been envisioned as a runtime system that provides a compatibility layer (called NetIDE API interceptor) capable of translating the Network App calls into calls for the SDN target platform. In this second version of the NetIDE App Engine, the API interceptor includes the support for Ryu and Floodlight applications to be executed on top of OpenDaylight or Ryu target platforms.
    • A tutorial video of the Engine is available on YouTube.
  • NetIDE Developer Toolkit v0.2 [April 2015]:
    • The NetIDE Developer Toolkit v0.2 is the second implementation of the Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an IDE that has been designed to let network application developers develop and test SDN applications in a "one-stop" solution.
      In this initial release, the IDE consists of several components which are implemented as Eclipse plug-ins, including a graphical editor to specify network topologies and a user interface for deployment configuration to conveniently set up a testing environment for network applications with a single click by the developer. In the incoming releases, the IDE will include editors to implement network applications and to specify network environments for simulation and deployment, as well as supporting tools as debuggers and profilers.
  • NetIDE Debugging Tools v0.2 [April 2015]:

    • The NetIDE Debugging Toolset is composed of a Logger, Resource Manager, Garbage Collector, Model Checker, Profiler, Debugger and Simulator. This release contains a first version of the NetIDE Logger implemented for the Ryu shim Layer. The NetIDE Logger captures the messages exchanged between the data plane (network elements) and the control plane and print them messages into a screen, allowing to the user to visualize and filtering them accordingly to the type of message. It is based on RabbitMQ pub-sub mechanism.  The tool is composed of two modules: the LogPub module, integrated inside the shim layer, is responsible of intercepting all the messages that arrive to the shim layer (i.e. the messages exchanged between the networks elements, NE, and the client controller) and replicating and sending back to them to a broker element. The second module called Logger will retrieve the messages kept in the broker and will show them to the end user.