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University of Paderborn

Partner description: 
The University of Paderborn (UPB) is a mid-size university with a strong focus on IT and computer science – it labelled itself as the University of the Information Society. It has about 14 000 students and 200 faculty members. A strong IT department of 17 full professors and several assistant professors covers the full spectrum of computer science, with special emphasis on algorithms, software engineering, and embedded systems. In this project, the computer networks group, headed by Prof. Holger Karl, will participate.
Role in project: 

The computer networks group will concentrate on the Network App Engine workpackage, in particular, the garbage collection and resource management functions, as well as the integration of performance evaluation functions into a design flow. Moreover, we have substantial experience in releasing software under open source licences (e.g., the OpenNetInf prototype) and shall support the consortium in these dissemination roles.

Responsibile person: 

Holger Karl

Partner type: