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Telefonica I+D (TID)

Partner description: 

TELEFONICA I+D S.A.U. is the main innovation catalyst inside the Telefonica Group, which is one of the world‘s largest telecom companies. Founded in 1988, it conducts applied investigation activities, conceptualizes new uses for communication and develops innovative products and services for the different businesses in the Group with the aim of strengthening the Group’s competitiveness through technological innovation. It is the most important private R&D company in Spain, in terms of both activities and resources and one of the main companies in terms of level of participation in European research projects in the ICT sector. It has facilities in Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Granada and Huesca and new subsidiaries has been created recently in Brazil and Mexico creating a network of centres of technological excellence that stretches far beyond the Spanish borders. It currently collaborates with technological leaders and numerous organisations in 34 different countries - among which more than 35 universities located in different parts of the world. It also participates in the most important international forums on technological know-how, thus creating one of the largest innovation ecosystems in the ICT sector. R&D activities focus on strengthening landline, mobile, multimedia and interactive telephone services, network management systems, operation and business support systems, and emerging ICT technologies.

TELEFONICA I+D S.A.U. leverages its work on the use of the most advanced and competitive concepts and media. This requires thorough knowledge of the suitable technical capabilities over a range of basic technologies. TELEFONICA I+D S.A.U. also represents the Telefonica Group at different standardization bodies (W3C, DMTF, ONF, OMG, ETSI, etc.) and industrial platforms initiatives (NESSI, eMobility, NEM).

Role in project: 

TELEFONICA I+D S.A.U. will be in charge of the technical management of the project. They ensure that the technical activities of the project evolve in a coherent way and that the project meets the technical objectives. In order to do so, TID will lead the Requirements, architecture, integration workpackage and, within it, the Requirements, Design and Architecture and NetIDE IRF tasks. This will assure a coherent architecture and that the IRF is appropriate for state-of-the-art network deployments. As one of the proponents of the NetIDE concept, TID will participate in the actual development of the IDE in the NetIDE Developer Toolkit WP. NetIDE will allow TID to test the concept in the NetIDE Use Cases and Evaluation WP, where an NFV related scenario will be validated under their leadership.

Responsibile person: 

Diego Lopez

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