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Partner description: 

Telcaria is a recently created SME providing advanced services to network operators worldwide. We partner with equipment manufacturers to redesign their products towards a cloud-based network infrastructure. Our team is composed of young bright researchers and developers. A large fraction of our employees hold a PhD in Telecomunications, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science. Telcaria provides advances virtual solutions for network caching, prefetching, network function virtualization, flexible functions split, cloud based network services all in an integrated and portable environment.

Telcaria team has a solid collaboration with researchers from other institutions such as IMDEA Networks and top Spanish Universities in the area. The collaboration team participated in more than 30 research projects funded by the European Union (and coordinated 5 of them), the Spanish government and the regional government. The team has also been holding numerous collaborations and providing technical and strategic consulting, coordination and management of major projects, development of testbeds and trials for new services, applied research projects for innovative products and services, systems integration projects and custom development of software, services and applications, and providing specialized training courses.

Role in project: 

Telcaria leads Task T2.3 and mainly works in the architecture (WP2) and IDE (WP3). Their expertise in SDN/NFV as well as in integrated ICT solutions will ensure these WPs are also aligned with the project as a whole.

Responsibile person: 

Elisa Rojas

Partner type: