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Partner description: 

Intel Corporation is the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, and develops advanced integrated digital technology platforms for the computing and communications industries. More than 6,000 researchers and scientists are engaged in our research and development program, including over 1500 employees within Intel Labs Europe. The Ireland-based labs carry out their activities for Intel Performance Learning Solutions Ltd. (IPLS)3. These labs include the Cloud Services Lab. The Intel Cloud Services Lab (CSL) is focused on dependability and platform/service differentiation in cloud computing and virtualized and SDN-enabled networks; and on IT management framework processes for technology adoption. Specific research topics include instrumentation and manageability of cloud and network infrastructures, open interface specifications, service level agreements, context awareness and digital preservation. The lab’s research output includes usage models, prototypes, technologies and open standards which enable dependable cloud environments and support automatic discovery and selection of optimal platform services; as well as a process-based framework for mapping IT improvement efforts.

Role in project: 

Intel research members bring expertise in the development of a platform for comprehensive network controller program design, simulation, debug, deployment and maintenance.

Responsibile person: 

Joe Butler

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