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Fraunhofer IPT

Partner description: 

The Fraunhofer Project Group Mechatronic Systems Design of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT in Paderborn possesses outstanding competencies in the field of “Intelligent Technical Systems”; its three departments Product Development, Control Technology and Software Engineering concentrate on the development of mechatronic systems and the conception of the necessary production systems. The group develops new tools and techniques for the development of mechatronic products, model-based designs, and efficient systems as well as software solutions. This is done in applied research projects in close cooperation with companies, thereby helping them to manage the change to mechatronics and to develop innovative intelligent technical systems. In this project, contributions will be made by the Software Engineering department of the group. The Software Engineering department has long-standing expertise  particularly in the field of development methods for high quality embedded software and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). It is headed by Dr. Matthias Meyer and is associated with and works in close cooperation with the software engineering group at the University of Paderborn headed by Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Schäfer.


Role in project: 

Members of the Fraunhofer Project Group Mechatronic Systems Design take the leading role in Work Package 3, NetIDE toolkit. They will coordinate the work in that Work Package and provide major contributions in the design of the actual IDE.

Responsibile person: 

Christian Stritzke

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