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Partner description: 

CREATE-NET is an international research consortium active in the telecommunications and networking field based in northern Italy. CREATE-NET was founded in 2003 by some of the most prestigious universities and research centers in Europe (Technion, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, University of Trento, Fondazione Bruno Kessler), and currently collaborates with around 100 researchers, coming from 13 countries worldwide. By bringing together major academic institutions, corporations and research actors from around the world, CREATE-NET is engaged in combining highest quality research, addressing telecommunications and advanced services challenges, with experimentation on a unique real life experimental facility in Trentino. CREATE-NET is a partner of the EIT-ICTLabs initiative. The center has also developed very strong collaborations with major industrial stakeholders (Cisco Systems, Orange-FT, Siemens, Ericsson), while recently it has spinned off three promising startups (U-Hopper, eXrade, Intelincs) that are now capitalising on previous research efforts. CREATE-NET is also supporting eMobility, NEM, NESSI, ISI, E2B and participates in standardization activities in ETSI. CREATE-NET has participated in 8 projects in FP6 and is currently involved in 25 European projects, for five of which under FP7 it acts as coordinator (NetIDE, MONARCA, iCORE, CONGAS, Social-IST and UBIHEALTH) and for three other ones as technical/scientific coordinator (XiFi, INFINITY and SUPERHUB). CREATE-NET is also a very active actor of the scientific community through the organization and sponsoring of several international events in collaboration with IEEE, ACM, EU, ICST, IFIP and NSF.

Role in project: 

CREATE-NET will act as coordinator of NetIDE and contribute the the overall success of the project by: supporting integration activities in WP2 by coordinating the integration efforts; leading the Task 4.1, responsible for the development of IRF interpreter within the Network App Engine; supporting the development of OpenFlow controllers drivers, thanks to its deep knowledge of Floodlight and Trema; and leading the dissemination activities in Task 6.1.

Responsibile person: 

Elio Salvadori

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