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NetIDE contributes to Floodlight

NetIDE has been recently included among the authors and contributors of the Floodlight Controller (Read here).
We would like to remind you that Floodlight is one of the platforms that has been chosen as client controller for the NetIDE Network Engine.
NetIDE delivers a module for Floodlight, called Backend, which is able to steer the execution process of the controller.  I.e., the Backend hooks into the Floodlight's event dispatching mechanism to control when an event is delivered to a network application through the northbound interface and to intercept any resulting commands out of the application.
In addition, we are also contributing our architectural concepts to Floodlight. This controller has been the first to allow applications to know when an event that was generated in the network infrastructure has been completely processed by all applications running on the controller platform.
News date: 
Monday, 15 February, 2016 - 17:00