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NetIDE’s Network Engine Shim in OpenDaylight Beryllium and Boron

The 4th OpenDaylight release, Beryllium, is currently scheduled for release Feb 2016 and NetIDE’s Network Engine Shim is on track to ship with it. The Simultaneous Release process will then begin again for the planned 5th release, Boron, which will be due Nov 2016.Again, the NetIDE project plans on being part of the Boron release including such features as the NetIDE Intermediate Protocol 2.0 and additional features/bugfixes. We remind you that NetIDE has been accepted as an OpenDaylight Project starting from the  26th of June, 2015 (

The project proposal can be found here (  


News date: 
Wednesday, 17 February, 2016 - 16:30