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NetIDE will imply a significant step in transforming SDN into a consolidated product by enabling network designers to apply tools and methods that have been in use by the software development community for years. Standards bodies like ETSI, ONF, IETF, dealing with SDN have acknowledged the high interest of seeking appropriate network abstractions able to support a stronger network softwarisation. NetIDE will not only contribute to this path, but will also provide practical evidence of their applicability, as well as valuable feedback to the fora the project plans to base its work upon.

The NetIDE approach to dissemination and exploitation activities is based on a systematically planned and interlinked activities outlined in two plans: (i) a Community Building Plan, focused on building a community of researchers and practitioners; (ii) a Sustainability model and Exploitation Plan, aimed at identifying the opportunities for the technology and commercial use of the knowledge and intellectual property derived from the project outcomes.