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In order to fulfill the project objectives, NetIDE consortium has set up a workplan with the following aims:

1. To coordinate all project activities ensuring consistent, efficient and highly interwoven technical solutions that will Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for SDN solution-independent Network Apps development and a set of highly relevant use case using them.

2. To maintain a strong focus on the needs of highly diverse SDN programming and runtime execution environments to ensure a generic and flexible NetIDE solution.

3. To iteratively produce results at regular intervals that can be evaluated, disseminated, and exploited, thus ensuring continuous interaction between the innovation, evaluation, and impact-generation activities.

4. To organise the flow of delivery such that at each project review a significant advance is demonstrated and can be assessed; the reviewers’ feedback will be utilised for fine-tuning and achieving project success.

5. To provide project external dissemination of NetIDE concepts, results and training as well as awareness of NetIDE solutions and ideas. This will generate wider support for the resource provider agnostic solutions of NetIDE as well as feedback from Network Apps developers.